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PLEASE READ: A Personal Appeal from our Studio's Director, Fábio Coelho

We were forced to create this page to let you know one more time about the usage of our papercraft, since we have been finding papercraft from us that breaks the rules that we proposed since the beginning.


The following links contain examples of bad usage of our papercrafts that you are not invited to do - people that took them, removed our credit marks and/or modified the models' building structure, something we don't tolerate in any way.


Usage of papercraft on WowTurkey.com with credits removed.

Usage of papercraft on WowTurkey.com with credits removed.

Usage of original papercraft on WowTurkey.com with credits removed.

Usage of papercraft on WowTurkey.com with credits removed and structural modification.


We repeat one more time to get all this situation clear:


What you are allowed to do:

* Repaints on our papercrafts, if all our credits are conserved - We don't mind if you take an example of our papercrafts. The only two rules are to do not modify their structural construction method, as explained on the link above, "Usage of papercraft on WowTurkey.com [...] and structural modification".

* Usage of the base of our papercrafts to create another on your own - You can use our papercrafts to make another on your own. This means, if you have an idea to create a model, but you don't know how to start, you can take one of our models and use them. The only thing you must do after your work is to write on the underside or in the bitmap itself "Based on a [model's name] by MegaMoonLiner".

Sharing our models - You are allowed to share our models via your Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc, if they comply with the two requisites above: make sure to read them before sharing our original and/or your modified papercrafts!


What you are NOT allowed to do (if you are about to share our products modified by you):

* Structural/construction methods modifications - To make structural and/or construction methods modifications are forbidden. They are regarded as a violation against us, since it is our way of designing models that is in game. You are allowed to show photos of such modifications, though. What we want to say about this is that if you made this kind of modifications, most probably it's because you - and only you - wished to have it/them, so please keep it/them for yourself.

To share our papercrafts with our credits removed - To share our papercrafts without our credit marks is like insulting and disrespecting our hard work. If we are designing these papercrafts, it's like serving your wishes, so please respect our works, by saving that action of removing our credit mark; you can even add your name, if you just made any of the allowed modifications. Leaving our credit marks intact also spares energy of moving your fingers, did you knew it? :)


 Also, be aware that we are constantly monitoring (executed weekly) the Web contents, so any papercraft that violates our rules will be listed along with these above. They will only be removed, once their respective user removed or replaced them by content that is finally in accordance to our rules.

Now it's the time for you to make the cleanup, if you have models from us that violates any of our rules!



Fábio Coelho (Director)

Lora Bojilova (Vice-Director)

All the works present on this Website that carry the MegaMoonLiner Seal are protected under the CREATIVE COMMONS Licence Seal.