Kashiwazaki Paper Model Studio

Dedicated to all fans of Kashiwazaki Paper Model Studio's Papercrafts!

About the Creator

Fábio Coelho


The creator and president of the MegaMoonLiner Studio.

Fabio - handle name is Kashiwazaki Kazuki - is a passionated for modeling, papercraft design and especially Japanese highway buses. To this day, he has created over 350 different models in between cars, buildings and especially city and highway bus models of all kinds and nations.


Basically, almost anything that can be turned to papermodels in an "all ages, all difficulty levels" fashion, he can do it!

He used to be familiarized with local bus companies as well, these entities been part of his life until late 2015, both as a fan, friend and - kind of - service provider; now, he quit most of those activities and has set sails further into the Japanese culture and highway bus world, in a need to refresh his spirit.

To date, the Studio has been mainly attached to Beulas (http://beulas.net/), for a full scale paper model concept, the first ever carried out by MegaMoonLiner Studio to a bus manufacturer.


Dino Dervisic


Dino is a young and ambitious graphic designer from Serbia with quite an extensive knowledge on Paint.net and it's potential into designing customized graphics to use wherever needed on our models.

He is currently on University, so his time is not much, though it really is no problem for his activities within the Studio.

Nevertheless, his strongest point is to always pursue for the best result possible, even if he has to repeat it again and again, making him an aspirant to elite graphic designer, which is what we hope to see him coming into.


Lora Bojilova


The former director of the MegaMoonLiner Studio.


Lora is a creative mind that started her career on our Studio with a help request for a school work.

From then onward, she has been helping us on our activity, providing high quality graphics.

Without her, the Studio much probably would never go to a large scale production, much less for our customers, who seek good quality promotional models.

She also has her own website of design and art, with overwelmingly beautiful paintings and projects (http://lorabojilova.daportfolio.com/)

Lora left the studio activities in late 2014 in order to pursue herwork in her area; though she left, we wish her best of success on her own journey.


MegaMoonLiner Studio can also be found active on other various Forums and other social networks; the Canadian Public Transit Discussion Board (http://cptdb.ca/) and his Facebook wall, (http://facebook.com/megamoonliner).

Recently, a Facebook page, the MegaMoonLiner Swiss Scale Model Studio (http://www.facebook.com/pages/MegaMoonLiner-Swiss-Scale-Modelling-Studio/173327612698042), has opened, and can be tracked by who is registered on Facebook and is fan of our creations, which is expected to gather all our fans on Facebook at only one page.


 We hope you to have fun at our official website!