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From the MegaMoonLiner Paper Model Studio Staff,


Welcome to the MegaMoonLiner Paper Model Studio's Fan Page!

For the time being, all the papercraft collection created under the MegaMoonLiner Stamp have been removed, as the former file hosting website is down.

As of 2016/1/4, the Forums were closed; plans for opening a new one seems not viable at this point, since there was practically no activity during it's lifespan..

The Blog was also closed and it's former model template collection will never come back, as new ones are to be exported to a Gallery on deviantART.

To finish, the links on where to find us elsewhere are listed at the "About Us" page.

 Thank you for your precious support so far! (^^)











 これまでにあなたの貴重な支援をいただき、ありがとうございます! ^^




The Studio will change name and logo soon.  スタジオはすぐに名前ロゴを変更します